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Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to Become a Teenage Model

Runways, high fashion, the catwalk and contracts are all part of the lucrative world of modeling. Tyra Banks and Nikki Taylor were both popular teen models who became very successful and continued modeling throughout their adulthood. These two models demonstrated that hard work, time and knowing how to do a good interview are all required if you want to be successful in the modeling industry. It goes without saying that getting into the modeling industry is difficult for anyone to do. However, when you're a teenager, there are a few extra hurdles you must handle before you can even potentially become a model.


How to Become a Teenage Model
Young Teen Models
Things You'll Need:

Parental permission

1.  Get permission from your parents. If you're a minor, you must have your parent's permission in order to get into modeling. Otherwise you have to wait until you're 18 or become emancipated from them. Talk to your parents about your goals and help them to understand your position. Encourage them to be a part of your dream and ask their opinion. If they expect you to fulfill other obligations such as school, don't scoff at the idea. Instead, do what they say so you can get their consent.

2.  Make a portfolio. Before you sign with an agent or attend casting calls, you must have a portfolio that demonstrates your range as a model. Hire a photographer to shoot the portfolio. This step in the process does cost money. Make sure you have a range of photos that include head shots and full body length shots. The purpose of these photos is to catch the eye of the company that is hiring and to distinguish yourself from other models trying to get the same job.
3.  Hire an agent. Once you have put your portfolio together it's time to hire an agent. Visit local talent agencies or national agencies such as Barbizon and John Robert Powers to inquire about representation. Understand that these agencies will not talk to you unless at least one of your parents is present. In addition, your parents must sign contracts for you because you are a minor. Three important qualities when choosing an agent are past experience, having industry connections and knowledge of the business.
4.  Educate yourself. Just because you have found an agent, don't stop there. Instead, make a point to gather as much knowledge as you can. Take modeling classes and perfect your skills. Often, your agency will offer classes or know of a modeling coach in your area. Learn the basics, such as walking a runway, posing and how to do an interview. Gaining this essential knowledge will only help you in the future.
5.  Maintain and strive to improve your personal appearance. Go to the gym on a regular basis and tone your body. Keep in mind this does not necessarily mean you have to be skinny. However, you do need to have tone and definition when it comes to your physical appearance.
6.  Attend auditions and casting calls. Once you have an agent and a portfolio, it's time to find a job. Attend as many auditions and casting calls as you can. Don't be disappointed if you get turned down several times. Companies have a predetermined concept of what they're looking for before you even walk in the door. You either fit the bill or you don't. After all, many successful models know that you have to have few doors slammed in your face before a door opens up.

Tips & Warnings

Go to several agencies before deciding on an agent. You want to make the right decision, so take your time and don't feel pressured.
Don't try to break into modeling without an agent. It's an agent's job to have the knowledge of who's hiring and where auditions and casting calls are. Trying to do this on your own is very difficult.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Modeling Tips, How To Become A Model

Do I want to be a model

Despite the glamour and hype you have seen about the modeling profession, it's hard work. It's boring (sometimes) and it can be tedious. Prepared to be constantly rejected, get ready for some major ups and downs. Modeling is a lifestyle, not an 9-5 job. Not all jobs pay well. Unless you are seriously committed about modeling, willing to work at it on your own time, live a healthy life style, etc., you will not succeed as a model.
You have to understand that there are lots of other people who want to be models, it's a very competitive business. Are you willing to put the time and energy into competing with pretty much everyone you meet, 24 hrs a day?

Where do I start

You'll need a modeling portfolio, I'm sure you'll all know what one of those is but for those that don't it's basically a selection of pictures showing yourself in different outfits and poses. The standard size for the photos is 9 by 12 inches and you'll need around 10 - 12 photos. Make sure you focus on quality rather than quantity, remember, you're only as good as your worst photo. Make sure your portfolio has a selection of both head shots and full body shots. Make sure you get a variety of different looks such as swimwear, catalogue and lingerie, you get the idea, also get a couple of black and white shots in there. Avoid using pictures of the same shot.

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Top 10 Teen Models of 2011

Wearing fancy dresses, taking glamour shots, modeling different hairstyles and walking down the catwalk are always part of every teenagers dream. In this crucial stage of their lives, they are becoming more self-conscious and may become easily influenced by their environment. They would work out and watch their diet to achieve supermodel-like bodies and feel beautiful about themselves. Because of this trend, most teenagers nowadays opt for joining the modeling industry.
If you want to become a famous teen model, you have start by searching for modeling agencies with good background. There are many legal modeling agencies now wherein teenagers can apply for a modeling job. You can easily find these agencies over the internet or you can ask your trusted friends about it.
Most teen models however didn’t have to apply in modeling agencies. Some were discovered by famous photographers and fashion icons while they were shopping or just having a cup of coffee. The famous Karlie Kloss of Chicago, Illinois was discovered when she was just thirteen at a charity fashion show. In 2007, she signed a contract with Elite Model Management and then moved to the NEXT Model Management in January of 2008. She had been in many advertisements for famous high fashion clothing lines such as Donna Karan, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Hermes, Topshop, Lacoste, Chloe, Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Laurent. She has appeared in editorials and cover titles of several Vogue magazines.
Lindsey Wixson born April 11, 1994 is another favorite among the many teen models today, ranking 16th on the Top 50 Models Women by She came from the town of Wichita in Kansas. She is known for her unique looks specially her dolls eyes, bee-stung lips, pout and gapped front teeth. She has barely begun her career as she is just a newcomer in the modeling industry but with her appealing looks she will surely go very far with her modeling career. Her career began when she signed with Vision Models in 2009. Her big break came when she opened the Prada SS10 show. At 15, she was chosen by Steven Meisel for an Italian Vogue shoot. Now, John Galliano, Versace Vanitas, Miu Miu, Jill Stuart and Alexander McQueen have her booked for campaigns.
Ali Stephens is an American fashion model. She was born in May 10, 1991in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was discovered while she was shopping in Salt Lake with her family. In August 2007, she signed a three-year contract with the Elite Model Management after submitting her photos. Several months later, in September 25, 2007, she made her runway debut when she opened the Prada SS08 runway show in Milan. By 2009, she has appeared in many fashion magazines like Vogue, Allure, Russh, and Revue de Modes. Today, she has walked the runway for many known designers and appeared in editorials dor Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, V Magazine and Flair.
Irina Kulikova, a Russian fashion model of Slobodsk, Russia was discovered by Ivan Bart and Liv Tyler when she was dining in Moscow in 2006. After this meeting, she was immediately flown to New York for the New York Fashion Week. In 2007, she caught the attention of Lara Bonomo, the casting director of the Teen Vogue and immediately shoots pictures of her for their magazine. She has starred on several shows and was exclusive for Calvin Klein.


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