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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Preteen Models and Preteen Modeling has really come of age

Child modeling has become quite popular these days especially because it is easier for children to reach out to the global consumer. As a result, more and more companies and brands have started to employ child models and some of the companies are using young models as their brand ambassador. This has actually in a way opened a parallel industry that caters only to the requirement of child modeling. Interesting as it is to note that this is fast becoming a lucrative industry; it is a known fact that child modeling is the first step towards a rewarding modeling career.

There are pros and cons of starting early. One of the pros of starting early is that it is easier for young models to adapt to different situations and requirements with ease. For example: if a modeling assignment requires child models to shoot in different locations and pose as different characters - they will be more eager to do it vis-Ã -vis older models. This is because of the fact that children by nature are inquisitive and eager to learn. The good thing is that this inquisitiveness if channelized properly can take the child model places. This is where the parents come in.

It is extremely necessary that the parents participate in the enthusiasm of their children. Young models can be prone to home sickness and even throw tantrums on location but the reassuring presence of parents will ensure that the shoot goes on smoothly. The second most important point is that the younger the models are the better exposure they will get. In modeling experience and exposure really matters. Normally, the period from 10 to 17 years is the right time for child modeling. Child models can start off even at age 4 or 5 and the good thing is that by the time they are in their teens, they would have amassed a lot of experience and got enough exposure to help them carve their career. By the time these models hit their early 20's they will be well established.

So the best place to begin is over the internet. But first thing first, child models need to have their portfolio. There are several important areas that you need to focus on while creating your child's portfolio so that they are considered for modeling assignments and auditions. Young models never know what is good for them and how they need to plan their life. Hence, it is the responsibility of the parents to guide them through this. Most child modeling recruiters as well as modeling agencies will select only those young models that have strong extra-curricular background, who are smart, who have charisma, and of course not to mention a great overall personality. It is important that child models are not just cute and smart but they have to be expressive and talented as well. So when you are working on your child's portfolio, you need to ensure that you promote all the salient points of your child and don't forget to include as many photographs as possible.

Resource Box: Are you looking for work for young models? You can now upload child or young model profiles and also find job postings for child models.


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